Winner of Craft Challenge #14 – The Little Tiny Challenge

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I can just barely stop myself from purchasing, as an adult, the doll house I never had as a kid. I can easily (too easily) see myself collecting all kinds weird, wacky and TINY objects for this doll house. The entries in this challenge are not helping! 😉

The winner is an unbelievable totally edible tray of fast food! Craftster-branded of course!

A Bite to Eat! by hercuteness

hercuteness gets these prizes for winning!

Mahar Dry Goods is an online shop that carries a super-stylish selection of fun items handmade by various artists and crafters. Mahar Dry Goods has generously donated two plush stuffies by Sewing Stars.

At you’ll find “luxury yarn for fiber fanatics!” is donating a basket of beautiful roving for felting or spinning. 100 Grams of Rose and Citrus Merino Roving. Kettle dyed. In a rattan basket

The Starving Artist Bazaar is a web shop where Jennifer Syfu sells her gorgeous blown glass jewelry. She is donating one of her Eukaryote Necklaces.

Here are few of the other entries who got lots of votes:

Bottlecap triptych by Roethke

MONA LISA by OriginalYouth

The Itty Bitty Bead Maze (and the play-room army) by mommys little badass

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  1. andrea says:

    haha. i love tiny things.

  2. mommys little badass says:

    I love the teeny weeny fast food. It totally deserved top spot!!

    (I’m still blushing from my runner-up status)

  3. Spesh K says:

    wow i love the itty bitty bead maze!! -Great!!!
    There is no need to blush about being runner-up!!!

  4. Hahahahahahahaha says:

    They are all soooooooooooooooo cute and tineeeeeeeey -wish i had taken part but it would have been sooooo difficult and i would probably ruin it!!!
    Well done to all of you!!!

  5. thephantombloggerstrikes says:

    I love the tiny food. It makes me hungry for McDonalds. 🙂


  6. rachel says:

    hey, these are truly sooooooooo cool!

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