Wiener Dogs!

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I have been in love with dachshunds ever since my parents adopted an adorable miniature dachshund a few years ago. Their girl, Sadie, is just the cutest! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so much spunk and sass in such a small package.  So this blog article’s for you this week, Sadie: a collection of weiner dog crafts.

I can’t believe all the detail in this polymer clay dachshund figurine by philosophyfox. I swear this looks like a real dog. Just look at that expression!

Doxie (perfect name!) personalized a totebag with this adorable spotted dachshund applique.
If you have a drafty door, what better dog than a dachshund to block the air? Their long bodies make the perfect draft dodgers. paramecium made a foam filled stuffed dog that will keep the winds from howling through the cracks.
Those silly wiener dogs are so long in the body that to feature them, sometimes you have to go to extraordinary lengths. It took aeronberry two pillows to fit a silhouette of her dachshund.
randomheartsx made an adorable crocheted dachshund scarf. It takes a long dog to wrap around a neck to keep it warm!

But wait! There’s more! Click on the Craftster tag “dachshund” to find more crafts inspired by these awesome little dogs. And have a wienerful day.

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  1. LimeRiot says:

    This is the greatest Craftster blog post ever :). I love me some wiener dogs!

  2. rackycoo says:

    I thought you might like it. 😀

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