Who’s Watching the Watchmen Crafts?

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rorschach plushie Have you read Alan Moore’s Watchmen? Seen the movie? I’m a dabbler in the world of comic books and graphic novels. I tend to like ones that are dark and complicated. I’m currently obsessed with Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman. Watchmen was one of the first graphic novels I read and I swore I wouldn’t like it because I’m not really into the superhero genre but this book totally surprised me. It’s about nominally about superheroes but it’s more about the fact that they are both superheroes and totally flawed characters with extreme beliefs and personalities. I’m sure that others could describe it better than I. But suffice it to say, if you think you’re not a comic book person, you might find this book surprisingly refreshing.

One of my favorite things about Craftster are all the pop culture homages. No matter what you’re into, someone has likely immortalized in the some crafty form here on Craftster. Here are a bunch of kick-ass projects that Craftsters have made in homage to Watchmen.

Check out this adorable Rorschach plushie by Craftster member pinkninja. If you’re familiar with Watchmen, you’ll know how funny it is to apply the word “adorable” Rorschach. I love how all of his clothing is changeable. You can even see him nekkid!
rorschach plushie rorschach plushie rorschach plushie rorschach plushie

Rorschach cross-stitch by Craftster member nautilus.
rorschach cross-stitch

Can’t find just the right piece of pre-manufactured Watchmen garb? Make your own like Craftster r0ckwithme did for her boyfriend and his son.
watchmen hoodie watchmen hoodie

Everyone loves Perler beads these days! And how can you not? The pixelated look just so appealing. Here are some Watchmen characters done in perler beads by Craftster member StephanieGravatt.
watchmen perler beads

Rorschach sock monkey complete with the Comedian’s button in his hand by Craftster member missmoria.
rorschach sock monkey rorschach sock monkey

Rorschach and Nite Owl costumes by pinkninja and Silk Spectre costume by missmoria.
rorschach and nite owl costume silk spectre costume

Amazing stenciled shirt by Craftster member kathcummings which features a panel from a comic book that this one character is reading in the Watchmen book. Now that’s a hardcore Watchmen reference.
watchmen stencil watchmen stencil

This is a reproduction of an image of the Silk Spectre hand drawn on a t-shirt by Craftster member CraftyOctober. She used a combination of tracing paper, iron-on transfer marker, sharpies and fabric paint.
silk spectre shirt

Another great Rorschach plushie by Craftster member tamakins37.
rorschach plushie

And last but in no way least, Dr. Manhatten in sock monkey form. Dubbed Dr. Monkhatten by Craftster member AndiMo. Not only is this a hysterical homage to Dr. Manhatten but I love that she made it for her adult kids — one of which just happens to be kathcummings who made the amazing stenciled shirt above. I also love the picture of him duplicating himself.
dr. manhatten sock monkey dr. manhatten sock monkey dr. manhatten sock monkey

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  1. Patti M says:

    Have not read the book- or seen the movie (want to though!) yet- I love these!! Seeing everyone’s interpretations of the characters makes me want to see the movie even more.

  2. Beth says:

    HAHA! This is hilarious! I saw the movie and loved it! Same with these crafts! The ““adorable” Rorschach” is definitely my favourite and Dr. Monkhatten comes in a close 2nd!

  3. Ryan says:

    Very cool. Elements of both comic and movie.
    haha this stuff is great.

  4. Kayori says:

    The stenciled t-shirt is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I’m reading the comic now and just passed that panel, and the shirt looks almost identical, it’s scary good.

  5. Sara says:

    Leah, have you read the “Sandman” series by Neil Gaiman? If you haven’t, check it out…from one dark-minded comic dabbler to another, it seems like it would be right up your alley. 🙂

    And that Rorshach plushie is AMAZING. I want one!

  6. Leah says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Sara! I’ve dabbled in it a bit and I really want to dive in further. This is a good reminder to do so. 🙂

  7. Veritas_rose says:

    OMG! I would pay lots of money for the Rorschach plushies! It’d be perfect for my boyfriend. LOVE ALL OF THEM!

  8. Vivian says:

    Awesome! Just the coolest stuff I have seen in a long time. I’m such a fan of the graphic novel, so to see all Rorschach in plushie form? Well, I’m a little teary eyed. 😉

  9. Erzebeth says:

    OMG I love cross stitch and I love Rorschach as well! 😀 Very impressive piece of work.
    The other crafts are very good too.
    Congratulations to Nautilus and the other members.

    Best Regards,