Where the Fairies Are

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Some say that fairies are all around us, and who am I to argue that point? A fairy’s gotta live somewhere, though, and here on Craftster, you can find several examples of lovely fairy abodes.

amethyst6 built this sweet little cottage in hopes that a fairy might move in. With a nice fenced in yard and garden, I can imagine this would be a very popular location!

Here’s a view inside from a window of a clay house built by decidedly average. This house comes fully furnished, and already has tiny fairy inhabitants living within.
No time to build an entire house? How about a cute fairy door? This one was made entirely of polymer clay. Cryssoleil hand painted all the little details.
Where do fairies go to wash their wings and accessories? Why, the Wandry Room, of course! Knickertwist built this tiny useful room, and filled it with everything a tidy fairy needs.
Fairies love the outdoors, so kittykill planted this tiny garden and furnished it with a wee chair and other items just for them.

Are you interested in having fairies live near you? Perhaps you should build them a comfortable space. Then you can sit back and watch the magic happen!


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