What’s That On Your Head?

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People don’t naturally grow antlers, but wouldn’t it be something if they did? Since we can’t grow our own, those of us that want them have to improvise. Here you go, this is how it could be: people with antlers.

lizzy.cos knit this adorable knit baby hat with ears and antlers. I would make my baby wear this all winter long!

I love this piece by holandricon. It’s entitled Georgia, Antler Girl. It’s so intriguing. Georgia appears to be thinking deep thoughts as she sits upon her tall chair.
Nesse sports a nice set of antlers. This pair is needle-felted and attached to a headband for easy wear.
the_bees_knees created this haunting illustration entitled Antler Boy, and framed it in the perfect thrift store frame.
These antlers by erdbeerblau look so real! She wrote up a great tutorial and included lots of in-progress photos, so you can make your own.

Antlers. Just because you weren’t born with them doesn’t mean you can’t have a set (or two!). Wear ’em with pride.

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  1. Phizzychick says:

    So cool. I suddenly feel the need to make myself a pair of antlers!

  2. alteredmommy says:

    next best thing to being born with them!

  3. I Sew Cute says:

    Great to see so many different inspiring projects. I’d love to knit that hat for my girl!

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