Valentine’s Day Crafts and Anti-Valentine’s Day Crafts

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Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. For some Craftsters, it’s a day for romance, a celebration of love, bathed in hearts of pink and red, doilies, and roses. For some, a fun and quirky day filled with affection-seeking robots, love monsters, and giant cupcakes. For another group, anti-Valentines are the order of the day, whether in protest of what they feel is a commercial holiday or general distaste for cheesy romantic imagery. Luckily for us, there are amazingly talented Craftsters in all three groups, and that makes Valentine’s Day at Craftster a celebration of diverse projects, both pro- and anti- Valentine.

If you want to give your home some romance for the season, these projects will get you started. This crocheted Heart Mansion is almost beyond description. It’s the ultimate in romantic Valentine’s Day crafts, and sure to amaze any Valentine lover! A modern take on a traditional hearts-and-lace Valentine, this pillow would look adorable on a chair or sofa to give your home a pretty Valentine look, or on a bed for a bit of extra romance. And of course, flowers are a Valentine’s Day staple. But why get regular cut flowers, when you can create your own? You can learn how to make adorable fabric flowers with this wonderful tutorial.

Small, personal gifts for your sweetheart are an essential Valentine’s Day tradition. Whether silly or romantic, a handmade gift can relate specifically to a couple, incorporating favorite songs or saying, in-jokes, secret nicknames, or anything else that makes your relationship special. Nothing says love quite like something you’ve created with your own hands, your time, and your imagination. If you love the idea of creating your own unique Valentine’s Day gift for your dear one, but need a little inspiration, here are some projects from super-romantic to adorably silly to get you started:

Starting with grade-school Valentines, there is also a tradition of sharing Valentine’s Day cards and gifts with friends, family, and other important people in your life. Here are some fun ideas for little gifts to show these people you care.

Now for a little word about men. Unless you are really lucky, guys can be notoriously tough to craft for. So tough, in fact, that there is a special thread for brainstorming guy gifts. Actually, there are brainstorming threads for all kinds of folks, but the “guy question” is definitely the most common! To get your wheels turning, here some favorite guy gifts we’ve seen. If you ARE a guy, we’d love to hear your comments about what would really make your heart skip a beat this Valentines’s Day! Many girls and guys would love to have your input on ways to make their partners’ Valentine’s Day really special!

Perhaps the person you really want to show some love for this year is….you! There’s no better excuse than the love holiday to remind yourself that you are special with a little pampering, or something lovely or fun to wear. Of course, these projects also make wonderful gifts, but don’t you deserve to make a little something for yourself this month?

If you are a party of one this year, don’t give up on Valentine’s Day. Have a lovely “date night” with a friend, yourself, or your favorite pet. Give a special gift to someone you know who could use a little love, or even surprise a stranger with a good deed or a tiny gift. Donate some lovely crafts to a homeless or domestic violence shelter, or visit your Grandma with a special crafty treat.

If you’re feeling cynical, show your scorn with a fun, anti-Valentine craft. Sometimes Cupid’s arrow doesn’t quite reach its target. Shoot that smarmy little cherub back with a tshirt, a slightly off-kilter gift, or a snarkily awesome card!

If Valentine’s Day makes you feel warm and fuzzy, or cold and sour, we’d love to know what you’re making to show your feelings. Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve, and tell us what you think!

If you’re ready to start crafting, take a look at these Valentine’s Day Craft Supplies that are on sale!

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  1. CraftCarrie says:

    Great ideas on this page! My husband and I don’t really buy each other V-Day gifts, so this is a perfect page to get crafting ideas from. Thanks!

  2. le_coiffeur04 says:

    I told my Hubby that I would like two dozen roses Three Days AFTER V-Day so I could make the rose beads. They always go from like 30 dollars a dozen to 5 bucks on sale.

  3. McSeriously says:

    I love the “My new boyfriend is rich” card. I considered sending my ex one saying “My new boyfriend’s Italian and still knows more song lyrics than you” but decided against it.
    I *will* rise above it, I will…

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is such a great craftstery holiday because we have the power to de-commercialize it! (Or at least not having to fork over hard-earned cash to the greeting card companies…)


  5. Sumariajane says:

    OMG! i made it on a cool list for once! woo, but i have to say that the little ceramic black heart was Really cute. but i do have to say now that i am literally surrounded by couples V-day is kinda gunna be funny…

  6. Abssinth says:

    I love this; thank you! My husband and I don’t usually “buy” gifts, but will do something nice for each other. And I love le_coiffeur04’s idea about buying roses AFTER Valentine’s day for the rose beads!

  7. Anonymous says:

    That’s a great tip about roses! My college roomies and I would take turns buying the after-holiday sale flowers for each other so we’d have fresh flowers around. If only I had known about the petal-beads then!

  8. Lothruin says:

    What a great blog, Batgirl! I love all the V-Day (and Not!) ideas!

    Tip about rose petals and rose petal bead making: While you’re at it, make rose water too!! In the middle of your petal pot, place a brick, with a heat-proof bowl (like pyrex) on top. While you’re boiling your rose petals, put a stainless steel bowl, an inverted lid, or ANY rounded item that will cause steam to roll to the center and drip into the bowl, on top of your pot. Then, put ice in the thing that you’ve covered the pot with. The ice will condense the steam onto the bowl, the steam will drip into the bowl on the brick, the roses will boil for petal-making and you will be distilling rose water AND a small amount of rose oil as well. Good for: washing hair, smelling nice, making rose lassis (yum!) and lots of other lovely things.

  9. Celene says:

    Wuu!!! my sister got listed!!! love most of the projects, sure enough handy to inspire me this year!!

  10. Christian says:

    Thanks so much for including my anti-valentines art! I saw the intro to this article on the front page and was keeping my fingers crossed that I’d see it up there lol.

    Great selection of pieces!! Now I’m all inspired to work on more crafts!

  11. Ler says:

    I love Valintines day but it’s really a Taboo holiday for me. i mean the idea of haveing a day were it’s “Not whimpy” to show your affection for guys is awsome (though mine doesn’t care) i don’t really celebrate it, well at least not on the day. see my mom’s b-day is the 14th so any of my ex’s knowing this (save for the last of Two point five Years) hae always given me the gifts on another day. still the crafts are cute.

    i love the anti art

  12. Anonymous says:

    Me and my boyfriend instead of buying presents and feeding the capitalist machine- we always decide on a band that we really want to see that are playing around or on valentines day- so we go see a great music gig together in celebration.
    The anti art in this section is hilarious and very witty. 🙂

  13. batgirl says:

    I just noticed an awesome thread on Cheesy Valentine’s Day sayings. It’s been going since 2006! There is some seriously funny stuff in here – check it out! If you have any good ones please add them to the thread!

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  15. meekssandygirl says:

    Oh wow! Thank you for including my crocheted heart mansion, I am honored to be on this list with so many wonderful things!

  16. […] the card idea on craftster. There’s a nice little write up on DIY Valentines Day ideas here : Valentine’s Day Crafts and Anti-Valentine’s Day Crafts Blog click on the pictures of each project for instructions and more photos. (Notice, the "Bottle […]

  17. Tricia says:

    I love some of these ideas, especially the monster cookie. I could see that going down well with some of my friends. I’m a cake lover though so my favorite would have to be the big pink iced muffin!

  18. Sookie74 says:

    I’m uber excited that my “52 reasons why I like you” card book made it on here. This site is full of inspiration and I’m glad to be a part of it! 🙂

  19. Charity Adams says:

    Hey that stuff looks so cool I may try it out to give to someone that I am in love with.

  20. batgirl says:

    I love the comment about how we have the power to decomercialize this holiday. Craftsters of the world, unite and take over!

  21. ? says:

    Two days away from v-day and I didn’t know what to do but you guys were my hero. I made my boyfriend that 52 reasons why I like you book and I worked. Thanks a ton.

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