Upcycled Home Decor

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It’s so rewarding to decorate using upcycled materials. It’s good for the earth, it’s economical, and you can create one of a kind pieces to enhance your home.

Luna1375 transformed this bright and cheery cabinet using scrapbook papers. Click on the link to see the original piece. You’ll be amazed at the difference a little paper makes.

Don’t you love this hanging lamp that craftewoman made? It’s constructed from hanging baskets she found at Goodwill for $5 apiece!
This beautiful copper floor that lisaahouser installed was a bargain at around $1.44 a square foot. It’s made of pennies! I have to say; I also love the “Get Naked” sign on her bathtub.


Here’s a creative use of old crates: Noix85 used two of them to make this coffee table, which has plenty of space for books and magazines.
miloknows needed a frame for multiple pictures, so she created this one out of several smaller frames. The texture on the outer edge really caught my eye.  It’s actually clothespins!

Upcycling is a great way to get one of a kind decor items at very little cost. Check out the Craftster tags under “upcycle” or “upcycled” for more great ideas.

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  1. Penny Jo says:

    Hah! I thought the light fixture was a hamster exercise ball!! LOL

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