Underwear from Neckties

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Umm. OK. Here’s something I never would have thought to make out of old neckties… thong underwear. For women AND men. You’ve gotta click and see it for yourself.




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  1. poppet says:

    that is freaky cool.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ohmylord. the other stuff on that site is just as amusing!

  3. chat says:

    Um..dunno if I’m being Prudence McPrude here, but the one for guys looks kinda icky :p
    Like, do you know where that tie has been??!

  4. tabarhodes says:

    i don’t know how i’d feel about having a tie in my crack………… 😉

  5. sew_loving_bags says:

    I made the gilr one of those for a friend as a present. It turned out great. I’ll try and post it on the main site and put a link here when I do!!

  6. firehead4 says:

    Font illusion! Due to the font appearance, I thought the description on this project said, “You’ve gotta DICK and see it for yourself” LOL

  7. Anu says:

    I saw the same thing as the person above “dick” and see for yourself. HAHAHA

  8. karmic says:

    The mens thong is extremely disturbing. Shuuuuudder.

  9. Erin says:

    Thank God I’m not the only one who giggled at the “dick” thing…I thought I was super juvenile and was mildly shamed…However dick really went well in the case of this thong business (get it, business)

    Okay, I am juvenile

  10. Anonymous says:

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  11. Anonymous says:

    quite enjoyed your work .

  12. Fin says:


  13. minnie says:

    hmmm. i dotn know abuot that. i made these tie head rest covers for readymade but they hated them…


    are they that bad?

    p.s. you are getting horribly comment spammed!!!

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  16. ari says:

    I made my own from leftover T shirt

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