Tute Tuesday: Reconstructed Men’s Shirt to Button Down Tank Top

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Reconstructed Men's Shirt to Button Down Tank Top Sewing Tutorial on CraftsterAs if you needed another excuse to get to your local Goodwill or thrift haven, but here it is! You know when you’re thriftin’ and you come across a large button down shirt with a really funky print, and you think… IF ONLY they had a print like this in my size?! Well, this recon sewing tutorial by smashu is perfect for you AND your sustainable summer wardrobe.

Kudos to smashu for her easy peasy tutorial instructions. She says, “I kept [the instructions] simple in the hopes that someone going through any type of surgery on their torso or mid-section who knew sewing basics would be able to use this tutorial to create their own version. Or someone who wants to make something sustainable and girly!”

tynwia suggested using hand me down boy’s shirts to make this for young girls as well, which we think is a super cute idea. Thanks to smashu for this awesome tute and to our members for showing support. If you want more ideas for handmade tank tops, there are tons more here. And, if you’ve been bitten by the recon bug, get inspired by other reconstructed patterns and projects.


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  1. Kellie says:

    Wow that is really cute. I love it, wish I could sew better!! Great Job.

  2. Cow Whisperer says:

    I’m new here- where is that “this rocks” key !?!? This is fabulous and I’ll be making a stack of them for a handful of daughter in laws grand daughters and nieces. I already had a few shirts,they were set for deconstruction to reclaim the fabric any way. Thanks so much for a really great pattern!

  3. 1cross says:

    that’s a great way to weed out my husbands shirts!

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