Tute Tuesday: Hooded Sleeping Bag for Doxies (and other dogs too!)

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People think I’m crazy for having three dogs, but when the cold weather roles around, I’m the smart one. Two of my little babies are excellent heat conductors that keep Momma toasty….and then there’s Pete. He has short hair and is constantly cold, that’s why I was so glad to find LimeRiot’s awesome tutorial, Hooded Sleeping Bag for Doxies (and other pups).

LimeRiot’s directions and photos make this tutorial easy to follow, even for the sewing challenged, like myself. She uses scraps that she had from other projects to stitch up these ultra cute sleeping bags. The hoodie is perfect for keeping pet’s ears nice and cozy warm.

Whether you have rambunctious little doxies, or fine furry Miniature Pinschers, these hooded sleeping bags will keep your four legged babes snuggly safe and toasty warm.

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  1. Sally Ride says:

    What a wonderful cute garment! And Pete is a cutie, too. He looks comfy in there! Great idea. I will have to contact my local shelter, and see if they want some for donations to share with fine animal lovers, like you. Great idea with winter coming on. They do look easy to stitch. Glad Pete doesn’t mind Pink!!! He must be a breast cancer kind of awareness guy? Just kidding.


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