Tricky Treats for Halloween

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Whether you’re hosting a party or just want to have some spooky fun, tricky treats are a must for your Halloween festivities! Here are some delightfully spooky edibles found in the Halloween section of Craftster. 

bunny1kenobi repackaged candies and gave them new names to make these tricky treats to share with friends.

These blood worms, made by SpookShowBaby, look so real. Ewwww! Fortunately, they’re actually made of Jello.
Eat it if you dare! jessyratfink made an edible human torso appetizer platter for her Halloween soiree.
Why serve up a plain old cake? Mobi Dick made cookies out of tombstones to create this tasty chocolate graveyard cake.
PenolopyBulnick used a clear plastic glove, some popcorn, and some candy corn to make these witch hand treats! You could add a plastic spider ring for extra fun.

Halloween is only two weeks away. For tons of great ideas for spooky fun, visit the Halloween board, where you’ll find everything you need, from costumes, to decor and party ideas. Trick or treat!

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