Ten Tips for Selling Crafts Online Successfully

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Recently, we started a discussion with our Friends of Craftster about successful tips for selling crafts online from both the seller’s and buyer’s perspectives. We covered the perils, the pitfalls, and the feel-good successes. So much goodness came out of this discussion that we feel compelled to share some of this knowledge with you. On behalf of our Friends of Craftster, we present to you, our top ten tips for selling your crafts and other handmade goods online successfully.


10. Handwritten thank you notes personalize your items, and further emphasize the one-to-one connection between you and your customers. (idea from lissablair)



9. Tell buyers exact measurements, not just sizes, especially for clothing and accessories. (idea from Eliea)



8. Packaging that represents your brand’s best qualities along with attention to details makes the item feel like a present even when the buyer knows what they ordered. (idea from Cranbeary)



7. Have a good social media presence.  It’s tricky to do, you need to stay visible without being annoying.  Be interesting, be brief.  Don’t flood your fans’ feeds; especially not with “this is what I’m selling” posts. (idea from fantasticmio)



6. Communicate with the buyer directly about the shipping timeline, send an invoice/receipt with the item, and offer refunds. (idea from WildBird)



5. Exceed expectations (and increase word of mouth) with an unannounced free gift included with the shipped item. (idea from frenchonion)


4. Include instructions, like how to care for knitted items, clothing, hats, etc., and provide some info about the idea behind the crafted item.  It’s always fun to read about why/how/when/etc. the item was made… and why it’s unique!  After all, that’s why we chose to buy handcrafted items as opposed to mass produced items! (idea from loves2experiment)


3. Don’t undersell yourself. It not only cheats you, but it brings down the value of the entire crafting community. Plus people WILL pay for high quality items, especially if it’s one of a kind/limited edition. Work for the one or two $50 sales rather than trying to sell 5 to 10 for $10. (idea from DesignVigilante)



2. Respond quickly to questions from potential buyers. Waiting too long to get back to a potential customer could cause the person to lose interest. (idea from MareMare)



1. Take high quality photos of your items for sale. When your buyers can’t pick up an object and inspect it, good pictures are what they need to feel confident about what they’re buying. (idea from jungrrl)


If you’re ever feeling discouraged about the potential of your own craft business, just remember, Apple Computer and Amazon.com started out as home based businesses. For more business tips and ideas, join the numerous conversations about starting and running a craft business in our Crafty Business Advice forum.

Add a comment below with your own savvy business ideas and tips for online craft sellers.

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  1. Thank you…great information !

  2. Shehnaaz says:

    Great customer service is the key to running a craft business. It takes hard work and patience in the beginning. If you can hang in there till you start seeing the profit, you will definitely succeed.

  3. Cow Whisperer says:

    Thanks so much for the great advice! I’m currently working towards setting up my own sales site and will absorb all the wisdom you wish to share. Thank you in advance as well- you’ll probably be hearing a lot from me. I promise in turn to return the courtesies!

  4. Zara says:

    Thank you for the tips!!! These will be very useful as my sister and I start our little business. 🙂 Wish us luck!

  5. Crafty Marty says:

    I have to agree that customer service is key : treat your customers right and they will come back!

  6. Nithria says:

    These are great tips especially NO.3 I always get flogged by friends and family about my low pricing. I totally agree about it brings the value of the whole entire crafting/handmade community. I have seen gorgeous pieces being sold for not very much. Which makes other crafter’s seem expensive.

  7. most important tips for selling Crafts Online.

  8. Jenn says:

    Really Great Tips to help Crafters sell their crafts online, especially #3. Unfortunately crafters do not charge enough for their amazing handmade items.