To bead… or not to bead? ‘Tis a silly question.

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One of the many, many, many craft supplies I have too many of (is that a thing?) is beads. I’m not an avid beader, but somehow I’ve amassed an incredible collection of beads, and I’m always looking for new projects to use some of them up. And wow, is the Craftster Beading Board the place to go for that! Check out this amazing project and tutorial to make… yeah, I don’t know what to call then, either, so I”ll go with the name beadizzygrl uses – “ugly rubberband ponytail hiders”. I love wearing these, and I only have a few I’ve bought at Renaissance Festivals. But now I can make more! In all colors and patterns!
I’ve also made these dreamcatcher/suncatchers before, but never with this many beads and the swirl pattern! How pretty is this? And if you go to the post, Listessa explains the significance of the colors and it’s truly fascinating (and meaningful). Maybe I need to try some of these for holiday presents?
Jewelry is an obvious go-to for bead uses, but there are all sorts of amazingly heavily beaded projects (seriously, go check out the board!). This bracelet by lizziegirl3 is a beautiful example of an incredible amount of work poured into one small piece. The comment by emble_m sums it up perfectly – “If it was lined with poisoned spikes that made everything taste like yuk forever I’d still wear it.” In fact, that comment is so awesome I challenge all of you to go leave a bizarre (but complimentary!) comment on the next amazing project you see!
And on a slightly smaller, but no less pretty, scale, the seed beads around this cabochon are lovely. Large stones are nice in their own right, but an intricate setting really sets them off. Whether it’s swirled wire-work or this delicate beading by the_trademarks, it transforms a piece from nice to outstanding.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try to sort through my ever-growing pile of beads…

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  1. pottermouth says:

    Thank you for showcasing so many elegant pieces. They are truly amazing!

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