Tiny Things Are Cute

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I love miniatures. It’s so fascinating to see how small, yet detailed, someone can make an object. What is it about tiny things that makes them so adorable? 

Ack, this little duck amigurumi by ZombieLili is so wee and perfect! I can’t imagine crocheting something that small! Be sure to check out her post to see some other miniscule things she made, including a jellyfish and tiny owl.

Blythe dolls are fairly small, so dolls for Blythes are even smaller! Leslieshappyheart made the cutest little mini-me’s for Blythes. She even included a step by step tutorial in her post.
This tiny banjo by how_german comes complete with its own realistic carrying case. There’s even a secret compartment inside for picks.
Look at his face! This adorable chibi hamster by Harlan just makes me smile. He sure does look content, sitting there upon his mossy rock.
Mushrooms so tiny they can fit in a thimble? Who else but Knickertwist could be responsible for this? Be sure to click on the link for a great tutorial on how to make these perfect tiny fungi.

So it’s true: good things do come in small packages. There are all sorts of tiny delights to be found on Craftster. Click on the tag “miniature” to see them all. And keep it tiny!

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  1. brenda says:

    I adore the minitures! I have a small scale doll collection and it is hard to find things in it’s size. This is so cute! i have to make most of my own minis.

  2. alteredmommy says:

    tiny things are endlessly fascinating to me and the skill involved to make all of these projects is mind blowing!

  3. meleriffic says:

    I love tiny things! If only I could work in such small scale.

  4. Belladune says:

    wonderfully little! Such wonderful things you’ve found!