Tiny, Adorable, Cute, Fun… Food!

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lettuce It seems like just about everyone loves food with personality. Whether it’s impossibly tiny, plushy and fluffy, or winks at you with a sly smile, silly, funny, fun food is everywhere. Craftsters are pushing this trend with adorable dancing artichokes, smiling toast, beret-wearing baguettes, mustachioed meatballs, and angry kiwis. Plushies, accessories, clothes and housewares are all sporting images of food. Here we would like to highlight a small sampling of the many crafts designed with food in mind.
bib breads fruits fast food
sundae kiwi bag strawberry hat
popsicles tote cupcakes
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  1. Coleen says:

    Just another example of our American obsession with food. They are cute.

  2. Krafty_Karasu says:

    I have to disagree. the Japanese do it too, so it has little to do with culture. true, the items shown here are made by people in the US, but that does not define us as a whole when this happens in other countries and by other cultures.

    by the way, I have never seen such a cute head of lettuce in my life. I am so jealous of the talent people have with (in most cases) clay.

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