Three’s a Charm

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Some say bad luck comes in threes, but I say three’s a good thing, especially in those crafty cases where an idea is so big, it needs three panels. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about: triptychs!
cackle made this charming red triptych with a mysterious back story. Who’s that girl? And what’s going on there?
Your eye just naturally follows the branch in this lovely painted triptych by sheepBlue. And then, birds!
There’s so much mayhem surrounding Alice in Wonderland that lindyv321 needed three panels to try and contain it.
lunamadre made this gorgeous field of dandelions using charcoal and watercolors.
This Shrine of Two Sons triptych by Phizzychick began its life as a thrift store frame. Now it’s a lovely piece of altered art.

Why stop with one panel when three is thrice the fun! Click here to see more triptychs on Craftster.

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One Comment

  1. cackle says:

    I just noticed this post. Awesome! Love the diversity within the structure of a triptych.