Keepin’ It Green: The Week in DIY: the Health Benefits of Beer, Foraging in NYC, and More

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The Week in DIY: The Week in DIY: the Health Benefits of Beer, Foraging in NYC, and More

Each week, we highlight some of our favorite craft projects from our friends at Treehugger and Planet Green to help inspire your inner DIYer.

Homer Simpson’s Favorite Beverage Can Actually Be Good for You
Your favorite brew could be better for you than a glass of wine–many beers have more calcium, magnesium, and polyphenols than cabernet or merlot.

What Makes a Beauty Product Biodegradable?
Look for these key words, phrases, and ingredients to see if your favorite shampoos will break down–or get into the water supply.

Foraging Takes Locavoreism to a New Level
Steve Brill spends his days foraging for mushrooms, nuts, and berries in New York City–and you may be surprised at what he finds.

Maker Faire 2010–Comics and Science Collide with Howtoons Projects Manuals
Kid-friendly projects–from turkey baster flutes to marshmallow slingshots–give little ones a passion for DIY at Maker Faire.

Five Items that Began Their Lives as….Pillowcases?
The remarkably versatile bed linen goes from head rest to craft material with these ideas for clothes and bags made from a standard pillowcase.

New Chips for Cell Phones Sense Toxic Air
The technology in these chips could help emergency teams respond to everything from gas leaks to carbon monoxide levels.

Betty White, the Morris Animal Foundation, and Do Dah Day Help Wildlife in the Gulf
Betty White has offered to match $25,000 in donations made to the Morris Animal Foundation for Gulf relief, and Birmingham’s annual Do Dah Day fundraiser collects hair from groomed pets to make booms for soaking up the spill.

Foie Gras: Cruel to the Environment, Too
While the production of foie gras is already associated with animal suffering, the country’s largest maker has also been cited for creating environmental hazards.

Emeril’s Braised Pinto Beans with Smoked Red Onions and Smoked Tempeh
Give your meatless menus a boost with this easy–and healthy–recipe.

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