Keepin’ It Green: The Week in DIY: Makeover Your Wardrobe, Start a Foolproof Garden, and More

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The Week in DIY: Makeover Your Wardrobe, Start a Foolproof Garden, and More

Each week, we highlight some of our favorite craft projects from our friends at Treehugger and Planet Green to help inspire your inner DIYer.

Make a Coat Rack from Kitchen Cabinet Facing and Hardware
Keep your jackets organized and within easy reach–while upcycling leftovers from your most recent kitchen remodel–with this handy tutorial.

There’s Going to Be a Little Less Cancer in Your Shampoo
See which major brand offers a new line that helps you avoid more toxins.

How to Go Green: Fashion Accessories
Every green fashionista knows that the right accessories can make or break an outfit; make sure yours aren’t breaking the environment, either.

The City Girl’s Guide to Country Gardening, Lesson 1: Plant a Tray of Seedlings
Working on your first garden this year? Start simple with this foolproof technique for starting your seeds.

Can Social Media Squash Malaria?
Your status updates and Tweets just might save the one million people that malaria’s expected to kill this year; see how you can join the Social Media Envoy to help.

March Madness for the Mind! Collegiate Inventors Bring Out Their Best World-Changing Ideas
There’s more to March than college hoops–the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance also uses this month to showcase the best inventions from college brainiacs.

Sweaters for Chickens: Knitting Group Helps Ex-Battery Hens Keep Warm
Hens that escape from lives in cages rarely make it out with enough feathers to keep warm, but the UK’s Little Hen Rescue has a plan.

Meet Aviva Goldfarb, Author of Earth-Friendly, Kid-Pleasing Cookbook The Six O’Clock Scramble
Make dinner time easier–and more sustainable–with these tips for kids, parents, and delegated home chefs who need help planning ahead.

Certified Organic Textile Companies Increase 40% Last Year
Organic clothes still may not be on every rack at your local department store, but with more than 2,800 certified companies, your options are growing.

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