Keepin’ It Green: The Week in DIY: Brew Your Own Green Beer, Get Out of Town (Without a Car) and More

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The Week in DIY: Brew Your Own Green Beer, Get Out of Town (Without a Car) and More

Each week, we highlight some of our favorite craft projects from our friends at Treehugger and Planet Green to help inspire your inner DIYer.

Make Your Own Reusable Shopping Bags with Recycled Materials
Leftover plastic–think milk cartons, bags, and shower curtains–does double-duty as sturdy new shopping totes.

This, Not That, Skincare: Cleansers
For healthy, clear skin, ditch the chemicals and go au naturale with tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, or even rice.

Chandelier Envy: All that Glitters Can Be Upcycled
Light up your life with a one-of-a-kind fixture made from reclaimed glass baubles and building supplies.

5 Ways to Value a Shark
Give Great Whites a break from their killer reputation with these five tips for understanding their importance in the eco-system.

Tired of Hearing Bad News? Get a Boost from 8 Top Websites Making a Difference
Look on the bright side with websites and communities that cover everything from supporting up-and-coming artists to reusing trash.

So, Um…What Exactly Does a Vegan Eat? A Dozen Easy Ways to Enjoy Cruelty- Free Meals
If you can’t imagine a day without meat, dairy, or chocolate, see how easy it is to replace those favorites with vegan alternatives.

Meat and Climate Change: It’s Even Worse than We Imagined
Old reports made the meat industry accountable for 18% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions–now read the new studies that report a shocking increase.

How Katharine Hepburn’s Revolutionary Fashion Statement Rocked Hollywood (and Can Still Provoke Ideas Today)
Take your fashion cues from one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses and style icons, and then put your own green spin on it.

11 Great Day Trips that Begin at Grand Central Station
Get out of the city–without using your car–and check out these fun, fast staycations.

Make Your Own Green Beer for St. Patrick’s Day
Throw your own St. Patrick’s party–complete with emerald-tinted pints–with these tips for homemade green brews.

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