Keepin' It Green: The Week in DIY: 38 Simple and Delicious Summer Soups, Tips for a Green Garden, and More

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The Week in DIY: 38 Simple and Delicious Summer Soups, Tips for a Green Garden, and More

Each week, we highlight some of our favorite craft projects from our friends at Treehugger and Planet Green to help inspire your inner DIYer.

Sitting Down Too Much Can Lead to Your Early Death
A new study shows that even regular exercise won’t counteract the effects of too much sitting — but can a new type of desk make a difference?

Great DIY Garden Projects from Instructables
Bee hives, fountains, and an inexpensive, DIY greenhouse give your garden a no-fuss makeover.

Pilates: The Green Way to Lose Weight on Your Vaca
Stay in shape — even when you’re on the road — with these poses for beginners and pros that help tone your muscles and your core.

Favorite Blogs about Small Space Gardening
Think you don’t have room to grow? Make the most of your balcony, windowsill, fire escape, or patio with these ideas from blogs devoted to small-space gardeners.

Straight from the Garden: Zucchini Bread
This all-purpose bread works at any meal — breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack — and helps you use up all that homegrown zucchini that you’re (still) harvesting.

38 Summer Soups: The Best of the Season
When the thermometer tops 100, the last thing on your mind is soup — but these 38 recipes prove that, hot or cold, soup isn’t just for winter anymore.

What’s the Story with Cosmetics? And How Will the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 Help?
Story of Stuff creator Annie Leonard shifts the focus to beauty products with this video on the long-term impact of the products you’re putting on your skin every day.

5 Ways to Collect Water for Your Garden
Save water — and help your plants thrive — by collecting greywater from rainstorms, gutters, showers, and more to redistribute in your garden.

A Food Stylist Tells All: Why Fast Food Burgers Actually Look Tasty in Commercials
If you’ve ever found yourself craving a burger after seeing one in a commercial — and then been disappointed with the results — you’ll appreciate this video.

Want to Make Your Own Dog Food? Watch These Tips Before You Start
Making your own food for Fido can help you save money and give your pup a healthier diet; get a full list of dos and don’ts here.

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