The Huge, Giant, Oversized Blog Post

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Last week it was all about tiny things. This week, I decided to give giant things their due. Here are some oversized projects that don’t want to be overlooked! 

This scrumptious crocheted donut with sprinkles shouldn’t be eaten; it’s actually a decorative pillow. djonesgirl included the pattern in her post, so you can make one too. Better yet, make a dozen!

Anya Kase made a Tiki embroidery so huge that she used a screen door as a canvas!
Oh my! We can’t talk about giant things on Craftster without mentioning these amazing larger than life Blythe heads by gorgaus. (That’s a person in there: they’re actually humongous masks!)
This Scrabble tile may look average sized in the photo, but it’s actually 9 1/4″ by 10″ tall. mingus107 made a tile with each of family member’s initials, and then hung them together in her family room.
Watch out! Giant squid ahead! popsdemilk crocheted this bright red cephalopod stuffy. And just where would a giant squid sit? Anywhere he wants to!

Go big, or go home. Here’s to the ambitious Craftsters who saw something, and then supersized it.

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  1. HSG says:

    Great. Now I want a doughnut with sprinkles. Giant one, of course. LOL!

  2. cackle says:

    I need a giant Scrabble tile.

  3. meleriffic says:

    Wow! Who knew there were so many cool giant projects.

  4. Belladune says:

    Who wouldn’t want a giant crocheted doughnut?! Or a wicked Tiki Screen door? Or any of these things. such awesome huge projects!

  5. Violet says:

    The doughnut pillow is irresistible!

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