The first week of March is Severe Weather Awareness Week!

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Tornado Shelter This week is National Severe Weather Awareness Week, and for those of us in parts of the United States that means one thing – tornado season is about upon us (though, honestly, while most of us don’t like the threat of severe weather in the spring, it would, at least, mean it was actually spring – a huge improvement over the sub-zero temps and snow!). Work and schools run their drills, and there’s a campaign to make sure you have emergency supplies and plans for your house and family. One crafty (and hard-working) Craftster took this to heart and worked diligently to create a safe shelter in the basement of the house she rented. This is one of the few times I might be serious in this blog, but this is important – have plans and a safe place to go! Kudos to MagicalGirl for taking such steps, even in the face of a slightly terrifying basement…
Tornado Costume Of course, it can’t all be doom and gloom and dire warnings – there’s always the Wizard of Oz, and raincity deciced against the usual Lion or Scarecrow or Tin Man to accompany Dorothy, but made a smashing tornado costume, instead! I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore… (yes, I live in Kansas, and yes, I am so tired of the Wizard of Oz stuff – they have a museum for it, did you know that? It’s in Wamego!)
Tornado Pendant And then there’s this adorable little mini-tornado pendant in wire and beads by linsilou – pretty much the size I think they all should be!

This week and every week, have a plan for whatever severe weather your area of the world can throw at you!

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  1. HSG says:

    What a clever idea to educate people about weather week.

  2. LimeRiot says:

    MagicGirl is brave for tackling that basement project! I hope everyone stays safe in whatever crazy weather pattern they are hit with.

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