The Birds and The Bees

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Today, let’s talk about the birds and the bees. No, it’s not that kind of talk; we’re going to look at some of the birds and bees created by Craftster members!

vkvhawk used watercolors to create a set of one of a kind greeting cards,  including an inquisitive little birdie.

A mixed media canvas by Onyxnox reminds us all to “bee inspired”. Lots of texture and varied materials make this a special piece.
What a fab steampunk bluebird! artsycandice sculpted him out of clay, and added nails, gears, chains. and a windup key to create the steampunk look.
Here’s a beautiful appliqued bee pollinating a flower. Ludi plans to put this on the back cover of a small art journal.
Let’s wrap things up with this adorable blue-footed booby dottee by Acadian Driftwood. Funny bird, funny name, adorable dottee.


Hope you enjoyed learning a bit about the birds and the bees of Craftster. Click on the Craftster tags “bird” and “bee” to see more!


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