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The Zombie Trend: Now… Sheep!

It’s funny how crafty themes seem to pop up. Remember when mustaches were all the rage? Or cupcakes? What’s really big right now (I’m sure I don’t have to tell you!) is ZOMBIES! They’re everywhere, from tv shows to movies, to all over the crafting world. Not all the zombies are undead humans though; moderator […]

“Z” is for Zombie!

Now that September is nearing an end, we’re starting to move into the spookiest time of the year. We may be weeks away from Halloween, but you’ve got to keep your wits about you; zombies are everywhere. These zombie dolls with handpainted faces are by lunamadre. I swear they look like they can see into […]

Where Did You Find The Time?

Every now and then I stumble over a project on Craftster that is so intricate, so beautiful, and so detailed that I know for a fact it took forever to complete. Hats off to these Craftsters who had not only the vision, but enough time and patience to create these amazing labors of love.  Cross […]

Mr X Stitch presents Beefranck’s Emporium: Zombies! – October 28th, 2009

Over at Mr X Stitch we’re blessed with the services of Beefranck, the Queen of Ironic Stitching, who curates the terrific “Emporium of Embroidered Excellence and Splendiferous Stitchery”. Each week, these posts explore themes expressed through embroidery, and they’re ace. So without further ado, I welcome you to… Hi everyone! Halloween is coming up, so […]