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@Home This Weekend: Unicorn Dream Catcher

This weekend, don’t just make a dream catcher; make a *unicorn dream catcher*. Surely it contains twice the power to keep the nightmares away. Mlsocci74 used colorful yarns to create the web, and then added flowers and a unicorn horn and ears to increase the magic.  

Spotlight on: Knitting, Patterns Included

Yarn is such a versatile craft supply. It is used with various tools to create most anything your imagination can well, imagine. Knitting is probably one of the more well known craft techniques that uses yarn. In knitting you take two long needles, looms by hand or machine and form beautiful patterns with the yarn. […]

Craftster’s 10th Anniversary Cross-Category Challenge WINNER!

Congratulations to Belladune!!! Her project, Community – The yarn that Craftster Spun, won Craftster’s 10th Anniversary Cross-Category Challenge! She will receive the GRAND PRIZE sponsored by Coats & Clark! Her project perfect exemplifies Craftster in my mind; She gathered lots of different fibers from Craftster members all over the globe and spun all of the […]

Gamer Wednesday: Companion Cube Rug

I don’t think you’ve ever seen a latch-hook rug as cool as this one. Jonibologna certainly didn’t follow the directions that came with the rug to create this Portal Companion Cube! You can see the full thread for this project here: You can see more great crafts by viewing the Portal tag.

How to Make Pom Pom Garland

In this episode of Craftster Quickies, kittykill teaches you how to make fun and festive pom pom garlands to celebrate Craftster’s 10th anniversary! She’ll show you how to make a basic pom pom without a pom pom maker, as well as how to create a plain garland, AND a fun ice cream cone pom pom […]

Yarn Egg Tutorial

The crew at our parent company, Internet Brands, decided to get crafty for Spring and make yarn-mache eggs! This is a fun and simple craft that is great for groups! What you’ll need: Yarn Water balloons Mod Podge (or white glue in a pinch) Water Bowl Scissors Small cups for drying Cover your work area […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: PVC Niddy Noddy

Have a spinner or yarn lover on your list? Why not make them a niddy noddy to wrap and manage all those yards of fiber? I just got one and I already love it! This one is made of PVC pipe and k8kre8s makes it look easy! If you’re more advanced you could even move […]

November 23, 2011 Featured Projects

Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by rackycoo. We hope you enjoy them! Do Not Feed After Midnight! Gizmo Hoop by […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Cross Stitch Tetris Magnets

These cross-stitched Tetris magnets are sure to be a hit! Plus you can use up some of that plastic canvas you have lying around. It’s a win-win! You can see the full tutorial here: For more great gift ideas check out our specific gift guides or our full list of ideas. Gifts for Children […]

Crafty Music Video: Steriogram – Walkie Talkie Man

This is THE video I think of when I think of crafty music videos. It is EPIC! I’m sure many of you have seen it already but for those who haven’t I’m super excited to introduce it to you. Not only is is absolutely PACKED with yarn (and knitting, crochet, some sewing….) but the song […]

CrafTATstic Crafty Tattoo – Maggielove’s Knit Fast, Die Warm

We’ve been featuring sewing tattoos for a while but it is definitely time for some yarny goodness! Maggielove‘s tattoo hits you with a little bit of knowledge that Craftster has been saying for a long time: Knit Fast, Die Warm! She was also able to sneak in a few other crafts in her knitting tattoo. […]

Craftster at the CHA Craft SuperShow!

At the end of January Leah, kittykill, and myself were lucky enough to go to Anaheim to represent Craftster for the CHA Craft SuperShow! We had a booth set up to spread the word about C-ster, show off some of the awesome crafts on the site, give away Craftster buttons, and maybe sell a couple […]

The Crocheted Goods

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… Kate Jenkins says she can make anything from yarn. She may not have made everything but she’s made some awesome stuff! “Stitchup” ketchup, sardines, orange marmalade, a pack of cigarettes, and a full breakfast still in the skillet! You can see more of her creations here: via

Handmade Halloween Costumes: Huge Ball o’Yarn Costume

Sometimes the best costumes aren’t inspired by people or characters from movies; they are inspired by inanimate objects. ilovepaper made this adorable Giant Ball o’Yarn costume for her daughter using only “a giant bouncy ball, plaster fabric stuff, newspaper, glue, cheap yarn and gobs of hot glue”. If you check out her thread, you will […]

Knit Ferrari

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… What does a 22-year old do when she wants a Ferrari? She creates one. She knits one, to be exact. Crafty Lauren and 20 of her family members and friends created this Ferrari out of 250 squares of garter stitch. The full-size car was created in 10 months and […]