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@Home This Weekend: Updated Yardbird

This weekend, update a tired flamingo with bright paints. rockingbearranch brightened this yardbird up a great deal, and even gave it false eyelashes. Here’s to a great pop of color in the garden! Save

Green Thumb Thursday: Extreme Birdhouses

I wish I was a bird. OK, I am glad to be human, but who wouldn’t want to live in this amazing 17 room house with a rooftop pool, built by Cranbrook2? These are some lucky birds! They are even eco-friendly, being made from reclaimed barn wood. Gorgeous AND recycled, now that’s what I call […]

Green Thumb Thursday: How to Make a Mail Box Tool Box

This ingenious idea was posted by rubytue and I love it! It’s so simple yet brilliant, the kind of idea that makes you think “why didn’t I think of that?”. “Plant” an adorable decorated mailbox in an accessible area in your garden to keep garden tools and supplies close at hand, but safe from the […]