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Bibliocrafting: Bookish Weddings

Some bibliophiles go all-out with the book influences in their weddings, making books – or a specific book – the entire theme; others are more subtle, with tiny hints of their favorite books here and there. These are some ways a few Craftsters used books in their weddings: Maleficent made Disney-themed boutonnieres for the groomsmen […]

Going to the Chapel: DIY Wedding Ideas

This past weekend, my nephew got married on Captiva Island in Florida. He and his wife had the most wonderful diy wedding! They did many things themselves and with help from family and friends. His grandmother did all the flowers, and we decorated the chapel and the reception hall with candles, flowers and seaglass. It […]

DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

The most popular time of the year to get married is here so we thought we’d take this opportunity to showcase some amazing DIY “wedding favor” ideas from the Craftster wedding forum. There are so many directions you can go in for favors and it’s so cool to see so many ideas on Craftster that […]