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As Seen on TV: True Blood

I’m so pumped that True Blood is back! (Get it? Pumped? Blood? I slay me. Ha!) Cloverlilly sewed up this great ereader case featuring everyone’s favorite vampire bar, Fangtasia! I wonder what will happen to it?! Ahh! The suspense! You can see the full thread here: You can see tons more great crafts by […]

One Last Look at Halloween Crafts

Halloween is finally here! Tomorrow, the streets will be filled with all sorts of goblins and ghouls, looking for Halloween treats. I couldn’t resist sharing a few more assorted Halloween projects before the big day.   When you’re out tomorrow night, beware of creatures like this giant spider, made by cjohns6 with a plastic sandbox […]

Fangs for the Inspiration: Vampire Crafts

Vampires are a Halloween classic, but they are one of our most feared/loved mythic creatures at any time of the year. Dark and mysterious, nearly human, tragic and dangerous, it’s hard to deny their darkly romantic appeal. Vampire stories and legends have been with us for as long as time, and appear in many cultures […]