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I See London; I See France!

I see crafts with underpants! I know you probably chanted a version of that ditty as a kid, and some of you may still. But don’t just talk about underpants, craft them! For example, needlesandpinsel sketched and needlepointed three different depictions of fancy underwear for an intriguing set of hooplas. Here’s a creative quilt featuring […]

Valentine’s Day Treats

Creative thoughts from Craftster Guest Blogger MareMare… I’m pretty sure that anybody who looks at (or eats!) these adorable cookies will have to giggle at the cuteness. These frosted sugar cookies in underwear, heart, and X’s and O’s shapes are sure to entertain and delight at Valentine’s parties this year! If you’re really brave you […]

Wear It This Weekend: Tons of Tutorials! Take your pick!

Today I’m not just giving you one tutorial, I’m giving you 374! Wow! We just released our very own tutorial list for the Clothing: General board. Everything from aprons to armwarmers, dresses to dressforms, hoodies to hats, and everything in between! If it fits in the Clothing: Completed Projects: General board and has a tutorial, […]

Just Because You Can…

Does NOT mean you should.