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As Seen on TV: Metalocalypse + Monopoly = Metalopoly

VenusIsSinking customized a Monopoly board around the show Metalocalypse, thus creating Metalopoly! Not only did she change the board and the box, she also changed things like the Community Chest into the “band fund” and “instead of renting, buying, and selling houses or hotels, you Rent, Book, and Play Bars and Arenas.” Awesome! You can […]

As Seen on TV: Gleeky Cardigan

Doesn’t everyone want to wear Puck’s letter jacket? Suzyscissors made this super cute letter jacket style cardigan for her lucky partner in the Glee Swap. It’s sure to make all the other Gleeks jealous! You can see more great crafts by viewing the Glee tag.

As Seen on TV: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

So something_weird has been extolling the awesomeness of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for a long time but I never got around to watching it until recently. Now I can’t stop! So I was really excited to see this amazing painted ceramic plate of Charlie by MissWendy. She plans on giving it as a gift […]

As Seen on TV: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Oblina Scarf

I’m taking it back a little bit this time with an Aaahh!!! Real Monsters craft! Oblina was my favorite monster and this crocheted Oblina scarf is fantastic! Craftster member the Trickster was right on with the eyes and the lips. Hopefully there are no arms on that scarf so she can’t tickle your brain! There […]

As Seen on TV: Futurama is back!

I’m so excited that Futurama is back! So in honor of awesome new episodes I had to feature one of the many amazing Futurama crafts. This tee is a little more of the subtle side and I love it! Crazylittlekels used a freezer paper stencil to make this awesome Mars University shirt. If you want […]

As Seen on TV: OPRAH!

In honor of a show taping that I may or may not have attended this week (oh confidentiality agreements)… I thought I’d share one of beelisty‘s fabulous cross-stitch creations: Oprah! There really aren’t any other Oprah crafts (besides the Oprah sock monkey!) so instead I’ll point you in the direction of beelisty’s other threads, many […]

As Seen on TV: Milhouse from The Simpsons

There are tons of Simpsons crafts on Craftster but this is one of my favorites! Lilyvanilli put this amazing embroidered piece on the back of a hoodie for her boyfriend. If Milhouse isn’t your favorite you can see lots of other projects featuring other Simpsons characters by viewing the Simpsons tag.

As Seen on TV: Big Bang Theory

If Rock, Paper, Scissors is just not exciting enough for you, you may need to learn how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock! While it wasn’t invented for the show The Big Bang Theory, but they definitely made it popular! If you’re still unclear, check out this amazing embroidered flow chart made by mindboggld! […]

As Seen On TV: Venture Brothers Dr. Girlfriend

I don’t get enough Venture Brothers in my life. I always seem to miss them when they’re on! I’ll have to get my fix with this awesome Dr. Girlfriend dot painting until I can get myself back on the Brothers bandwagon. Giddygirlie made this awesome artwork with acrylic paint, the back of a paintbrush, and […]

As Seen on TV – The Office

In honor of the Office baby that’s coming next Thursday, I thought I’d feature our favorite beet farmer, Dwight K. Schrute. Multibeavo made this adorable little amigurumi will all the accessories you could want! A beet, a Schrute buck, a bobblehead, even a flyer to help catch the sexual predator. More pictures of this awesome […]

As Seen On TV: The Mighty Boosh

The Mighty Boosh is one of those shows that everyone seems to talk about but I haven’t had a chance to see yet! Seeing this adorable “Little Vince” by LaFee makes me think I need to DVR it, quick! You can see more by viewing the Mighty Boosh tag.

As Seen on TV: Pinky and the Brain

PuzzlingPeach stitched up a very serious question. “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?” Of course, you can’t stitch up a question and not a response! So she stitched up a Pinky as well! You can find the Brain here: and Pinky here: You can see tons more great crafts by viewing the Animaniacs […]

Felton John

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… While at a LOST premiere party tonight a friend showed me Felt Alive‘s Flickr pool. I must say, it’s an awesome find! She has made a number of needle felted celebrities including the felt Elton John pictured here, Conan O’Brien (being attacked by a polar bear), Willie Nelson, and […]

As Seen on TV: LOST

Have I mentioned how excited I am for the final season of LOST to start? I am SO EXCITED. In fact, next Tuesday I will be baking my very own fish biscuits based on the awesome batch that endlessly_intricate made. You can see more LOST-y food in her thread and more LOST-y goodness by viewing […]

As Seen On TV: Conan O’Brien (I’m with Coco!)

So people are drawing sides in the Coco v. Leno battle. PinkDaisy seems to be on the Conan O’Brien side based on her awesome “Conan is my Homeboy” necklaces. Other Craftsters have shareed even more Coco-y goodness that you can see by viewing the Conan O’Brien tag.