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Twilight Cupcakes Tutorial

Creative thoughts from Craftster Guest Blogger SevsOnlyGirl… I know tons of people are just dying to go see The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on June 30th, right?  There’s so much to look forward to… more Edward Cullen, more Jacob Black, did I mention more Edward?! If you’re looking for a fun treat before or after the […]

Tute Tuesday: 10-Min Monochromatic Eyes

teapotdnky always shares the best tips and tutorials! Lately, she has been sharing some of her creative skills over on the Bath and Beauty board. This 10-minute tutorial for monochromatic eyes will have you glammed in color and batting your lashes in hardly any time at all! To see this project on Craftster click here: […]

Tute Tuesday: Morning Glory Skirt Tutorial

We could not be more grateful for members that share full tutorials on Craftster. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This Tute Tuesday features a beautiful skirt tutorial by member Britannica entitled Morning Glory. Named for its zigzag-like resemblence to the morning glory flower, this skirt could also be made with highly-contrasting colors to accentuate […]

Tute Tuesday: Homemade Laundry Soap

Nymeria feeds the frugal Craftster in us all with this tutorial for homemade laundry soap. Not only will you know precisely what is in your laundry soap, you will be able to customize the recipe, scent and even save money! 😀 Nymeria’s tutorial yields a concentrated laundry gel, but I also found a tutorial for […]

Tute Tuesday: Summer Dress

najaorama teaches us how to make a summer dress in no time at all. I am absolutely convinced that even a novice seamstress (like myself!) could make this dress. With a few yards of fabric, a bit of colorful ribbon and a sewing machine, you are well on your way creating an adorable dress for […]

Tute Tuesday: Little Crochet Bear

This quick little pattern by jovialj will make an adorable little bear. How can you resist that face? I think he (or she?) needs a friend! You had better make two. Or make three just to be on the safe side. To see this project on Craftster click here: To see related projects on […]

Tute Tuesday: Mini Wallet with Video Tutorial

HannahVYaaj put together this nifty video tutorial for crafting a mini fabric wallet. With some basic sewing knowledge and experience, you’ll be able to make this adorable wallet in no time at all! To see this project on Craftster click here: To see related projects on Craftster, check out the wallet tag here:;sa=showtopics;tag=wallet

Tute Tuesday: Bottle Cap Coasters

I dug up this fabulous recycling project from Phizzychick. It’s not only a great use for old bottle caps, but it will finally use some of those random bits of scrap fabric you have in your stash. Check out her idea for an embroidery brooch in the same thread, too! To see this project on […]

Tute Tuesday: Beaded Leaf Jewelry

Where would we be without beadizzygrl? We’d be without awesome bead tutorials like this one, that’s for sure. She created these absolutely perfect photo tutorials for the Russian St. Petersburg leaf, as well as a few others, from seed beads. Thank you for sharing, beadizzygrl! To see this project on Craftster click here: To […]

Tute Tuesday: Jewelry Holder

Retro_Rose shares this great little tutorial for making custom jewelry holders. Her jewelry holders are decorated with little pink elephants, but they can be fully customized with any paintings, ribbons or colors. To see this project on Craftster click here: To see related projects on Craftster, check out the jewelry holder tag here:;sa=showtopics;tag=jewelry_holder

Tute Tuesday: Braided Ribbon Headband

Bring new life to your old headbands with this braided ribbon headband tutorial from hipgirl! Mix and match patterns and colors of ribbons to compliment any outfit or occasion. To see this project on Craftster click here: To see related projects on Craftster, check out the headband tag here:;sa=showtopics;tag=headband

Tute Tuesday: Beignet

There’s no better day than “Fat Tuesday” to dig up a recipe for yummy, warm beignet. DoubleDesign shares her version of beignet for this festive day. Be sure to check this colorful blog, too — Mardi Gras Crafts: Beads, Costumes, Party Ideas & More! To see this project on Craftster click here: To see […]

Tute Tuesday: Polymer Clay Cookie Hand Mirror

Do not mistake today for Foodie Friday. This tasty little hand mirror is made from polymer clay and it is definitely one for Tute Tuesday! teapotdnky teaches us a little bit about baking… polymer clay cookies, that is. Check out her photo tutorial with a nifty little tip about texturing clay to resemble cookie dough. […]

Tute Tuesday: Bubble Mailers

So you are out of bubble mailers and the shipping deadline for your swap is today. But you have wrapping paper and bubble wrap! The only logical option is to make your very own bubble mailers and RagnazIdnar did just that! Check out this tutorial for making stylish bubble mailers from your stash. To see […]

Tute Tuesday: How to Make a Messenger Bag

Today’s Tute Tuesday features a full tutorial for making a messenger bag with zippered divider. kategirl provided photos of the entire process to make the project just a bit easier, too! Later in the thread, queenxxxdee shares her results from the same tutorial. It’s fun to see how fabric can change the entire feel of […]