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Tute Tuesday: 2 Shirt Scarf

How is the weather in your neck of the woods? If it is anything like mine; it is freezing one minute, hot the next. You might get a nice spring rain or four inches of snow. No matter what the weather has in store for you, Craftster member Camilla Taylor has you covered with her […]

Wear It This Weekend: T-shirt Sundress

All you need is love… and 5 t-shirts and you can make this breezy sundress! One tee for the top, one for the waistband and three for the skirt. This is definitely inspiring me to go raid my closet for all those tees I don’t wear anymore! You can see the full thread (with tutorial) […]

Wear It This Weekend: Fringe Scarf

The weekend is approaching quickly and it is time to whip up something new to wear! Miss American Pie posted this tutorial to make a quick little scarf for your weekend wardrobe. Grab an old t-shirt, a pair of scissors and you’re well on your way to creating a new accessory! To see this project […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: How To Make A Stenciled T

It’s easy to make stenciled tshirts using freezer paper, which is available in almost any grocery store. Once you choose your image, all you have to do is cut out the paper, iron it on to the shirt, and paint with fabric paints or acrylics. Easy directions are found on the box! The great thing […]

Wear It This Weekend: T-shirt Necklace / Scarf

I loved the necklace / scarf that Figit posted! Luckily, she linked back to the original thread where she got the idea and luckily skaborsk was nice enough to write a tutorial. I actually made one of these for myself in about 20 minutes and I see more in my future! You can see the […]