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Craft Challenge #34 – Thrifty & Stylish Gift Wrapping

This month, our challenge was Thrifty & Stylish Gift Wrapping! This challenge gave members the opportunity to come up with inexpensive wrapping techniques and/or a wrapping solution that could be reused in the future. There were many creative entries this month, but only one winner! Member _Blackbird_ created this wrapping extravaganza for Christmas morning! Yes, […]

Craft Challenge #11 – Thrift Store Art Revamp – The Winners

Here the winners for Craft Challenge #11 – Thrift Store Art Revamp!! Cick on the links to see actual entry with full-size images and the creator’s description. First Place: Nanny Beatrice Grace and the heavenly host by rackycoo Second Place: From Black Velvet Landscape Painting to Tote Bag by craftworkbook Third Place: And Really Bad […]

Vote in the Thrift Store Recon Challenge

Some Craft Challenge updates… Entries are now being accepted for Craft Challenge #3 – Diorama Extravaganza. And the voting period has arrived for Craft Challenge #2 – Under $10 Thrift Store Recon I’m so blown away by the entries for Challenge #2. People were asked to make an outfit to wear that has a top […]

Cheap, Eco-Friendly Source for Fabric

I have a this little problem where I can’t seem to go a week without cruising through my local thrift stores. There are tons of them in the Boston area. One of the things I like to buy are old sheets and pillowcases because it is a cheap source of fabric and you can often […]