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Shark week is coming!

Do you know what’s coming up? Oh yes, SHARK WEEK! And in order to honor it, I think we need a round-up of shark posts! I also need to get my shark-themed party supplies out (even if it’s just me and my Little Visitor at the party!). I”m not sure if I’ll go all-out in […]

Mmm, Bacon!

Some people love bacon so much that just eating it is not enough; they need to craft in its image as well. Are you a bacon aficionado? If so, then you’re going to love this!   mansonette made this adorable glittery vinyl zippered bag for a bacon-loving office mate. Don’t just eat your bacon, wear […]

As Seen on TV: Sad Clown in an Iron Lung from Rocko’s Modern Life

I’ve been watching Rocko’s Modern Life recently and it’s just plain weird (in the best way!). Case in point is this sad crying clown in a iron lung shirt made by TrickyMcVomit. It’s based off of a velvet painting Rocko bought off of the shopping channel. So strange. So awesome. You can find the full […]

As Seen on TV: Futurama is back!

I’m so excited that Futurama is back! So in honor of awesome new episodes I had to feature one of the many amazing Futurama crafts. This tee is a little more of the subtle side and I love it! Crazylittlekels used a freezer paper stencil to make this awesome Mars University shirt. If you want […]

Wear It This Weekend: T-shirt Hoodie

Wanna take that old t-shirt that you love but never wear and make it awesome? Mezzi can show you how to turn it into an awesome hoodie! Instead of searching for the “perfect hoodie” in stores, just make your own! You can see the full thread here: If you make one for this (or […]

Wear it This Weekend: Too-big tee to adorable tank

Our second “Wear it this weekend” just so happens to be another shirt recon, but it’s definitely got it’s own style. TMLGirl took a too big t-shirt and some scrap fabric and made this laid back and adorable tank. She has a full tutorial in the thread. (psst…If it’s too small, try right clicking and […]

Tute Tuesday: How to stencil with bleach and freezer paper

For this week’s Tute Tuesday, Jenihall shows us how to make an awesome custom tshirt out of a colored t-shirt, freezer paper, and household bleach. The results are so cool you wouldn’t guess it could be made with such ordinary materials! Jenihall’s design is an adorable owl, but the possibilities for this technique are endless. […]