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The Organized Craft Room

There are good things and bad things about being an avid crafter. A good thing: all the fun supplies. A bad thing: all the fun supplies! How do you keep them from taking over? Here are some great solutions to help organize all your crafty gear. After all, you can’t craft with it if you […]

Craft Sanctuary: Craft Room with Pegboard Organizers

Welcome to Craft Sanctuary, our new monthly feature. Each month we will feature a clever organization tip or a beautifully organized craft room that our members have shared with us (or that we have discovered somewhere else). This month’s Craft Sanctuary is the craft room of SkyyAngel. She has done a beautiful job of creating […]

Minneapolis Rocks!

Over Labor Day weekend I went to Minneapolis to visit some peeps. My bf’s sister and husband live in the Lyn-Lake area . I’d never been to Minneapolis but I had heard great things about it — well barring what I’ve heard about the winters there. I can’t believe how much fun stuff we squeezed […]

Custom Erasers — Oh The Possibilities

OK. So I think I’m beginning to realize that I have this obsession with being able to make things that you really shouldn’t be able to make yourself. Like soap. How cool is it that you can buy melt and pour soap and make it in any shape you please? I found some old Mr. […]

No Sweat

I heard about a really great company called No Sweat Apparel on the radio today. Here’s their mission: Sick of supporting sweat shops every time you buy clothes? Now you can fight back with every thread you buy. No Sweat Apparel has created the first casual clothing brand that actually fights sweatshops – by creating […]

Buttons aka Badges aka Pins

Lots of people on Craftster ask about making the buttons you see pinned all over people’s messenger bags. There are two kinds of button-makers: hand press and bench press. The hand press machines are about half the price of the bench press machines. They are harder to use (they require lots of squeezing and hand […]

Sequins, Sequins, Sequins and Buttons

Let’s face it — sometimes the selection of sequins at your local craft or sewing store just doesn’t cut it. A recent post on the Craftster Forum mentioned a website called Cartwright’s Sequins & Vintage Buttons where they have a huge selection of beautiful and unique sequins. And they also have gorgeous vintage buttons! Breaking […]