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As Seen on TV: Bumble Undies

One of my favorite things this time of year is the old Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer special. Hopefully I can sneak a watch in this year! All of the characters are incredibly adorable but who doesn’t love Bumble the Abominable Snowman! CraftADDchick made this awesome undies set for a swap. You can find it here: […]

Crafty Music Video: Steriogram – Walkie Talkie Man

This is THE video I think of when I think of crafty music videos. It is EPIC! I’m sure many of you have seen it already but for those who haven’t I’m super excited to introduce it to you. Not only is is absolutely PACKED with yarn (and knitting, crochet, some sewing….) but the song […]

Crafty Music Videos: Guster – One Man Wrecking Machine

Ah plushie love…. and plushie destruction. This cute video by Guster features lots of adorable characters from Monster Factory. In particular, the plight of poor “Kevin” as he comes to grips with the world around him, you know, by removing all of it’s stuffing and recreating it! If the video itself isn’t enough, you can […]

Origami Animation

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… I’ve always adored origami, so when I found this little stop-motion video on YouTube, I instantly fell in love! Created over the course of five days, nariomaru did a spectular job with this origami in stop-motion.

Deadline Post-it Stop Motion

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… I’m so happy I stumbled upon this little (huge) gem on YouTube. It makes me think we might need to do a Post-it challenge in the future. I totally share his fight with Post-its, too! This is my senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design. Where my […]

Coraline Crafts

It’s no surprise that Craftsters love Coraline. Neil Gaiman’s writing, Henry Selick’s stop motion (he also directed The Nightmare Before Christmas, another Craftster fave), and omg TINY KNITTING! How could we not fall in love with this movie?