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Into the Woods

My morning walk today had “autumn” written all over it. It was chilly and windy, and leaves were falling the entire time. We crunched through those that had already fallen, and my silly dog Stella was sad that she was unable to chase the many squirrels that were running around everywhere. So when I saw […]

Squirrels Gone Wild

If you live where there are lots of squirrels, you know that when the weather starts to get cooler these guys get BUSY! Hiding food, searching for nuts, chattering at animals (and people) in their territory, and frolicking high in the branches, they always give me a smile or a giggle. They are awfully cute, […]

Adorable Squirrel Hat and Sweater

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… Anyone who knows me knows I love squirrels. I am a sucker for their silliness, always darting about with comical glee. I love how they yell at my dog, even though he is twenty times their size. I love how they beg for snacks at my window. And I […]