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Don’t worry; these aren’t real snakes, but faux snakes made by Craftsters. They’re not poisonous, and they definitely won’t bite. Take a look! Surely you’re not frightened by these two cuties? kbauer knit these two colorful reptiles for her lucky kids. What a sweet pet! A tiny green snake. Awww… so cute! Nodsu needle felted him, […]

Handmade Halloween Costumes: Tree of Knowledge Costume

OK, I love this one, mostly because I can just imagine how much fun you could have with that snake! Surely he was stealing snacks all night at the party. rafalkner looks great as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, complete with the snake and that tempting apple. PREVIOUS POSTS Muppet Costume, October […]

Home Sweet Home: Snake Draft Stopper

For some of us, tomorrow starts the Fall season. For me, Fall means drafty doors and windows are soon to come. Bighalofro posted a colorful and effective solution for those drafty doors and windows — Stella the draft-stopping snake. Hopefully these nifty little critters will help keep our heating bills down and our homes toasty […]