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Meatless Monday: Unicorn Smoothie!

You are majestic! You need a drink that compliments your awesomeness. Lucky for you, Mistress Jennie knows exactly what you need with her recipe for A Unicorn Smoothie. This brilliantly bright beverage is lactose-fee and uses honey instead of white sugar for sweetness. No matter what the occasion, unicorn birthday party or Monday morning, this […]

Spotlight on: Smoothies with Recipe Goodness

What is cold, delicious, healthy and can be made in minutes? Smoothies! Smoothies have been around since the 1930’s, believe it or not. Coinciding with the invention of the electric blender. Now there are blenders specifically made for making smoothies. During the summer we have so many fresh fruits and vegetables available. At the grocery, […]

Fitness Crafting

Even while at the gym, Craftsters find a way to sport their creations. Plain old duffel bags are a thing of the past. They’ve been replaced with unique, colorful and vibrant bags of all shapes and sizes. Yoga bags are now created in gorgeous fabrics and fibers. Pre and post workout snacks have been replaced […]