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Sassy Shawls

Sometimes you just need a little extra warmth, and isn’t it true that a shawl is just like a yarny hug? There are so many beautiful shawls posted on Craftster, that it was hard for me to pick just five to feature. Here’s a little taste of what’s out there, though… Padester shared a post with […]

Spotlight on: Knitting, Patterns Included

Yarn is such a versatile craft supply. It is used with various tools to create most anything your imagination can well, imagine. Knitting is probably one of the more well known craft techniques that uses yarn. In knitting you take two long needles, looms by hand or machine and form beautiful patterns with the yarn. […]

Wear it this Weekend: Huge Shell Stitch Shawl

Creative thoughts from Craftster Guest Blogger MareMare… Wear it this Weekend: Huge Shell Stitch Shawl Making a shawl to wear by this weekend? It might not sound too doable, but what if I told you it was created with a giant Q crochet hook? That’s right, if you use an enormous hook and chunky yarn […]

Craftster Classics: Clapotis

Welcome to the first edition of Craftster Classics! Craftster’s number one mission is inspiration. We provide a community in which crafters all over the world share their ideas, questions, and finished projects and inspire each other to create, create, create. Sometimes a project strikes a chord with so many people that it takes on a […]