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Tute Tuesday: How to Service Your Sewing Machine

If your sewing machine you baby? Do you just cringe when someone puts their hands on it? Are you haunted by nightmares of taking her in to get worked one? Well, put those fears to rest! You can now service your sewing machine with Hannahmaree’s detailed tutorial on Servicing Your Sewing Machine. In-depth step by […]

CrafTATstic: Crafty Tattoos – Goonie’s Vintage Singer

I have a special place in my heart for vintage Singer’s since I have one of my own. Obviously, Goonie does, too because she got on tattooed on her arm! It looks like it may even be based on a treadle with red eye decals like mine. Those old Singers have such great style, they […]

Winner of Craft Challenge #63 – Play with Your Food

This month’s Craft Challenge was Play with Your Food. The challenge was to create any object from food! Check out all of the entries on the entry board here. Our winning entry was created by h0p31355! The entry, Antique Singer Sewing Machine, is a vanilla buttermilk cake with caramel buttercream and dulce de leche caramel… […]

CrafTATstic Crafty Tattoo: lindseymichelle’s vintage sewing machine

I love vintage sewing machines! Obviously lindseymichelle does, too! She has an amazing tat of a vintage machine in the middle of a crafting session. The draping of the fabric and all the little extras around the machine (lindseymichelle says the pincushion is her fave!) are fantastic! What a great little scene to keep with […]