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Tute Tuesday: Scrabble Afghan

There is nothing better on a cool autumn day than a nice warm cozy blanket. You can get all snuggled in and stitch, read a book or play scrabble. A few years ago azabuey created a pattern for this clever Scrabble Afghan. It is perfect for those scrabble lovers in your life. It is so […]

Winner of Craft Challenge #51 – Total Board Game Revamp

The Craft Challenge this month was Total Board Game Revamp Round 2. The challenge was to bring life back to an old board game! The projects should have reused as many parts of the original game as possible, while creating something entirely new and unexpected or a new game all together. We saw some really […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: How To Make Scrabble Tile Magnets

Here’s a great gift for anyone, but especially for Scrabble lovers. These Scrabble tile magnets, by anisemouette, are so simple to make that even young children can help out with the project. Spell out someone’s name, a special saying, or get really industrious and make all the Scrabble tiles you have into magnets so that […]

Home Sweet Home: Scrabble Art Piece

Jacsar created this Scrabble art piece as a gift for her mom last Christmas. A few Scrabble board games, some hot glue and a fun frame and you’re good to go. Use the spare tiles to make Scrabble pendants, bracelets, magnets or even coasters! To see this project on Craftster click here: