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Book Review: One Ball Knits:Purses

This book by Khadija, Fatema, and Hajera Habibur-Rahman includes twenty knitting patterns for adorable purses that can be made from one skein, hank or spool of yarn. The patterns are divided by season (five patterns each) but could easily be used year-round. The book starts with easy to follow explanations of the tools, materials, and […]

Book Review: Kilobyte Couture

When I was a little girl, I used to hunt around the bases of utility poles for the small bits of colored wire and other colorful electric bits the telephone linemen and utility workers would leave behind. These tiny treasures seemed beautiful to me and I would make tiny rings and bracelets or save them […]

Book Review: Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts

Martha Stewart has been the reigning crafts guru for the past 20 years. In this book she pools a lot of that knowledge into lovely tutorials for over 30 different crafts, from beading and candle making to silk screening and wirework. The instructions are clear and easy, and the photography is as lovely as you […]

Holiday Inspiration!

Need some last minute holiday inspiration? Take a look at these great projects that will definitely put you in the holiday spirit! If Christmas is your thing, let these ideas inspire you.

Freezer Paper — Who Knew!?

May 2010 Update: Check out the Craftster Quickies Video Tutorial for all the info you need to make freezer paper stencils! I keep reading bits and pieces here and there about cool things you can do with freezer paper so I decided to do some searching on Craftster to see what the heck everyone is […]

Fun and Easy Soap Making

I know, I know. Another post that might wanna make you go buy something. I’m sorry! These days I carefully choose the craft books I buy due to this wee problem where I already have too many books and not enough time. But I had a gift certificate to use and of course I headed […]

I Managed to Knit SOMETHING! is a small online business specializing in gorgeous yarns and knitting and crochet accessories. I was chatting with Missa, one of the owners, and I mentioned that I had yet to knit anything other than rectangles and she sent me a new kit she designed for beginners called Beyond Rectangles. Basically it assumes you […]

Cross-Stitch and Election Woes

I’m sure there are dozens of cross-stitch software programs out there but I just did a quick search for one that runs on Mac OSX and I found this company called Ursa Software who makes three different programs: X-Stitch Studio, Mac Stitch, and Stitch Simplicity. So amazing! You can use whatever fonts you have on […]

Buttons aka Badges aka Pins

Lots of people on Craftster ask about making the buttons you see pinned all over people’s messenger bags. There are two kinds of button-makers: hand press and bench press. The hand press machines are about half the price of the bench press machines. They are harder to use (they require lots of squeezing and hand […]