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@Home This Weekend: Radio Birdfeeder

This weekend, make sure your feathered friends are well fed! Look at this amazing birdfeeder that blupaisan created out of an old 1940’s radio. Birds would be crazy not to stop by for a treat! (And maybe a song or two.) What do you have around your house that could be made into a unique […]

@Home This Weekend: Transform Your Chandelier

This weekend, alter your chandelier to fit your decor! SheridanLA took a brass chandelier and revamped it as shown here to suit her apartment. Later, when she relocated and wanted a more formal look, she transformed it again! Check out her post to see the before photo, and to find out how the chandelier looks […]

@Home This Weekend: Rockin’ Crockpot

This weekend, heat up your kitchen! Give your old crockpot a facelift using automotive paints. schizo319 repainted the outside of her old crockpot with a hot new flame motif. What’s cooking?

Craft Challenge #59 Announced – Super Ugly to Super Awesome

Craft Challenge #59, Super Ugly to Super Awesome, has been announced! Your challenge this month is to hit the thrift stores and revamp something from ugly to awesome! Entries are due February 1 through February 8, 2010. Read all of the challenge details here and get crafting on your awesome project. 😀

Winner of Craft Challenge #45 – Super Ugly to Super Awesome Round 2

This month our challenge was Super Ugly to Super Awesome Round 2. You had to spend $20 or less at a thrift store on something super ugly and tacky, and revamp it into something totally awesome. OriginalYouth accepted our challenge and took first place in the challenge with her entry titled, “Atrocious Wooden Calendar becomes […]

Pimp My (Toddler’s) Ride

It recently occurred to me that there have been quite a few outstanding toddler car revamps on Craftster and I thought I’d try to compile them all in one place. So here they are in order of the date they were posted. Let me know if you know of any I’ve missed and I’ll add […]

Challenge #23 – Super Ugly to Super Awesome

This month’s challenge was to spend $20 or less at a thrift store and buy something super ugly, tacky or otherwise abominable and revamp it to be something awesome. It could have been a piece of artwork, clothing, figurine, statue, platter, furniture…whatever the member decided! There were so many possibilities for this challenge, which is […]

Challenge #21 – Total Board Game Revamp

This challenge was to remake a board game into something new using as many of the parts of a game as you possibly could — every part of the game if possible. The winner of this challenge is KittyCreates for her entry, Yarn + Hole Puncher + Uno cards = Crochet Uno dress! Her dress […]

Craft Challenge #11 – Thrift Store Art Revamp – The Winners

Here the winners for Craft Challenge #11 – Thrift Store Art Revamp!! Cick on the links to see actual entry with full-size images and the creator’s description. First Place: Nanny Beatrice Grace and the heavenly host by rackycoo Second Place: From Black Velvet Landscape Painting to Tote Bag by craftworkbook Third Place: And Really Bad […]