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@Home This Weekend: Tiny Bud Vases

This weekend, recycle something and make it beautiful. teaandcraft wrapped empty test strip bottles with washi tape to make these adorable bud vases. I just love the look of these; it’s like a welcome breath of spring. Happy crafting!

Crazy About Corrugated!

Cardboard is not only generally free, but it’s one of the most readily available craft supplies around. If you use your imagination, there’s practically no end to what you can create with it. Look what these clever Craftsters made!  teag made this adorable tiny mailbox for Valentine’s Day out of a cardboard toilet paper tube […]

Recycled Grocery Bag Crafts

If you don’t carry cloth bags everywhere, you can end up with lots of extra grocery bags. Many stores have recycle bins nearby, where you can return the bags, but for clever Craftsters, the bags can become a craft supply. Here are a few things you can do with your grocery bags! Lindsey goes to […]

Keepin’ it Green: The Week in DIY: 13 Free, Homemade Shopping Bags, 5 Cheap and Easy Laptop Stands, and More

The Week in DIY: Chic Accessories, Repurposed Clothes, and More Each week, we highlight some of our favorite DIY projects from our friends at Treehugger and Planet Green to help inspire your inner crafter. You Say Chipped Teacup, We Say Pretty Teacup Candle Give your favorite antique teacup a new life by filling it with […]