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Handmade Gift Ideas: Bubble Wrap Necklace

Who knew bubble wrap could look so fancy!? If you have some extra packaging lying around from some of your online purchases why not turn it into a gorgeous necklace? This tutorial from the book Jewelry Upcycled by Sherri and Michelle Haab was shared by our friends at Potter Craft. You can find the full […]

Rock Paper Scissors: Bird!

What would you do if you came across a plain little wooden bird? If you’re a papercrafter, you’d decoupage it! pinkanddinky found this bird in her mom’s stash and, using small scraps of paper, made him fabulous! This has me looking all over my house for items to decoupage. That dog of mine had better […]

Rock Paper Scissors: Recycled Magazine Container

Take all those old magazines you have lying around, and put them to work! That’s what bananasandhair has done. She put a twist on the magazine bowls and made this great container with a lid. It’s colorful and fun, and you can hide all kinds of things in there. Thanks for sharing, bananasandhair! To read […]

Rock Paper Scissors: Recycled newspaper gift bags

The holidays are approaching (and even if they weren’t, there are always birthday gifts to wrap!) I’m always looking for pretty, yet inexpensive wrapping solutions. I like the look of using newspaper to wrap boxes, but I really like the convenience and re-usability of gift bags. I did a little digging on the internet and […]

Rock Paper Scissors: Recycled Candyland Card Recipe Books

How smart is strwberesh0rtcke? She took some oversized cards from a Candyland game towel she purchased and bound them together to make little recipe books. The bright colors and the size are perfect for holding recipes of your favorite treats. These little books would also be fun just to carry in your purse for jotting […]

Rock Paper Scissors: Tiny memory book

Who doesn’t love a tiny book? Especially one that is made with fun materials and contains special photos? boadicea made this small memory book out of, what else? A memory card! She used memory cards for the covers and included several small photos. It’s so clever! You’re going to want to make one of your […]

Green Thumb Thursday: How to Make a Mail Box Tool Box

This ingenious idea was posted by rubytue and I love it! It’s so simple yet brilliant, the kind of idea that makes you think “why didn’t I think of that?”. “Plant” an adorable decorated mailbox in an accessible area in your garden to keep garden tools and supplies close at hand, but safe from the […]