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Magazine Page Crafts

Ever wondered what to do with that pile of old catalogs and magazines? You can either take them to recycling, or you can use some of the pages within to make something great! Here are five projects I found on Craftster that are primarily made from magazine or catalog pages.  cbass chose the most colorful […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: How To Make Recycled Stationery

It’s great when you can make a wonderful gift for someone with recycled materials! SnapsAndDrangons used old paper bags for the writing paper, and made the envelopes out of magazines for this lovely recycled stationery set. She even used recycled plastic bags to hold all the supplies needed to write letters from home. To see […]

Rock Paper Scissors: Paper Ornaments

Just because it’s paper doesn’t mean it has to stay flat! Fold your paper up into ornaments this season. cinnamon teal used maps to make the gorgeous ornaments pictured here. Any sort of beautiful paper would work, though. What a great way to recycle! Click here to get to Craftster to see other views of […]