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Reconstructed Tees!

If you’ve got a slew of old tee shirts that you no longer wear, but just can’t stand to throw them out, this blog’s for you. Here’s what some creative Craftsters have done with their old shirts.  You’ll probably need to stock up on a several more shirts if you want to complete this first […]

Gamer Wednesday: Metal Gear Solid

What’s better than a t-shirt recon? A video game t-shirt recon! Eleniel shows off her craftiness and her love of video games with this awesome Metal Gear Solid recon! You can see the full thread here: You can see more great crafts by viewing the Metal Gear Solid tag.

Wear It This Weekend: T-shirt to Cardigan

I’m constantly on the lookout for a good cardigan. The perfect one seems so elusive! Luckily, hellagabrielle shared her tutorial for turning a regular too-big-t-shirt into a fabulous cardigan! You can see the full tutorial here: If you make one for this (or any other) weekend, let me know in the comments!

As Seen on TV: Gary Coleman

Unfortunately today’s As Seen on TV is a memorial. Gary Coleman passed away earlier today so I thought I should pay tribute Craftster style. Dez-igns created this skirt out of corduroy fabric and a thrifted tee. Rest in peace Gary!

Keepin’ It Green: The Week in DIY: A Blemish-Free Butt, Tips from the Farmer’s Market Pros, and More

The Week in DIY: The Week in DIY: A Blemish-Free Butt, Tips from the Farmer’s Market Pros, and More Each week, we highlight some of our favorite craft projects from our friends at Treehugger and Planet Green to help inspire your inner DIYer. The City Girl’s Guide to Country Gardening, Lesson 5: Lazy Composting Not […]