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Rainy Days

As I write this article, it’s raining. And it’s going to be raining all week. All I can think of is rain, so of course that’s what I’m featuring this week. This precious little fox has the right idea: “Let the rain come down”. There’s nothing you can do about it, anyway. andralynn used clay […]

April Showers!

Where I live, we’ve been experiencing endless rain since the beginning of the month. If what they say is true, and April showers bring May flowers, we’re in for a glorious spring! Here are some brightly colored rain-inspired crafts that will cheer you up, even in the darkest of rainy days.  I love this pink […]

April Showers

April showers won’t bring you down if you celebrate the rain with bright colors and fun accessories. Here’s how some Craftsters are enjoying the rain this month, while waiting for those highly anticipated May flowers.  mezcraft created this wonderful painting which depicts a girl who is stuck in a grey world, but is on her […]