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Gamer Wednesday: Companion Cube Rug

I don’t think you’ve ever seen a latch-hook rug as cool as this one. Jonibologna certainly didn’t follow the directions that came with the rug to create this Portal Companion Cube! You can see the full thread for this project here: You can see more great crafts by viewing the Portal tag.

Gamer Wednesday: Crochet Portal Companion Cube with Pattern

Hey all you Portal nuts out there! We know you’re geeking out about Portal 2, so for this Gamer Wednesday we’re featuring a Portal craft project just for you. ShaanaBanaana shared her pattern for a crochet Companion Cube from the Portal video game that debuted in 2007. This was her first post on Craftster – […]

Gamer Wednesday: Polymer Clay Companion Cubes

GeekToys has two addictions, Companion Cubes and polymer clay canes. Put those two together and you get this fantastic thread! Not only does she give a great of how to make this cool cane, she also has a few extra cubes at the end! She says it’s not a tutorial, but it looks like one […]

Gamer Wednesday: Portal

This cake is real, and looks very delicious! DanniQuee made this uber-chocolatey cake for her fiancee’s Sci-Fi themed birthday party. The cake is chocolate with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles and shavings! mmmmmm. That is definitely an awesome reward! You can see more great crafts by viewing the Portal tag.